Making an Insurance claim? 

We can save you £75 on your excess if you have your insurance repair done with us (subject to terms)

Q.  Do I have to use the Body Shop my Insurance company recommends?

A.  NO - we can undertake work for ANY insurer.

“It is your legal right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. It is not the choice of your insurer and you only require one estimate”

A common misconception when dealing with your insurance company for a repair is that you must use the "Approved Repairer Scheme" This is simply not the case and it's your legal right to choose your own repairer.

It’s possible that your insurer will try to force you to use their list of chosen repairers. These repairers have agreed to give sizeable discounts in return for large amounts of work this benefits the insurer more than it benefits you and there is no guarantee the repair will be the best just because it's an "Approved Repairer" you may even find your car is collected and taken out of the area for work to be done, that's ok; but let's say there's a problem with the repairs when the car is delivered back, how inconvenient would it be to sort out with a garage that's potentially 50 miles away? It's far easier and much better to have your car repaired locally by a well known trusted garage!  

The choice of repairer is yours and yours alone, you pay the insurance premium you choose the repairer.

“When you choose us for repairs we will equal or better that offered by the Approved Repairer Scheme”

• Guarantee all our work.
• Provide you with a Free Courtesy Car whilst yours is repaired.
• Collect & Deliver your car free of charge. (if required)
• Only use Approved Parts.
• Deal directly with your insurer so you don’t have too.
• Use only Approved Paint for accurate colour matching & durability.

*And save £75 on your Excess!

(When coming directly to us & not referred by your insurer or broker)